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We do all the foot stuff that you can’t do,
don’t know how to do or
just don’t want to do.

Nail care

Long, short, thick, thin, curly, fungal, ingrowing, painful, weird colour… we can help with whatever nails you bring in to us.

From a simple cut and file because you can’t do the job very well yourself anymore to dealing with a painful, swollen, infected ingrown toe nail.

Hard skin & corns

Both of these occur in response to pressure. If the cause of the pressure is removed, eased or slowed it can result in resolution, reduction and/or improved comfort.

Advice that we provide to minimise re-occurrence may involve emollient use, footwear considerations, silicone props, simple insoles, orthotics or a specialist referral.


A harmless virus which does not ‘need’ to be treated. Patients that do opt to have them treated tend to be bothered by their appearance, worry about spread or experience some discomfort.

During a consultation we will assess and confirm the diagnosis and give you all of the information that you need to decide whether you would like to undertake treatment and, if so, which option would suit you or your family member best.

Fungal infections

Fungal infections are another common foot thing that we see daily and a lot of the time people are unaware that they have it.

Whether there are signs of athlete’s foot to the skin or a fungal infection to the nail, we can provide advice and offer treatment.

Nail surgery

A simple minor surgical procedure carried out with local anaesthetic. We commonly provide this treatment for repetitive ingrown toenails but it can also be offered as part of a treatment plan for fungal nails. A consultation prior to the procedure will explain what the surgery involves, aftercare advice and healing time.

The fee includes a follow-up appointment which is carried out 1-3 days post-op and all of the cleaning and dressings materials that we recommend you use to look after the toe whilst it heals.

Nail reconstruction

A temporary aesthetic solution for a nail that is ‘the odd one out’. A nail that is thick, poorly attached to the nailbed, short and stumpy, doesn’t grow….

It is suitable for a special event but be aware that it’s longevity is decreased with lots of water activity. If you are going on holiday and want endless play in the sea this option is probably not for you.

Diabetic foot checks

These are routinely carried out within your foot care appointment but you are welcome to book a stand-alone appointment if you wish. The assessment will include a podiatric vascular and sensation check.

Any concerns that we have will be reported to your GP with any recommended action/referral. Any foot care advice that we feel you may benefit from will be provided verbally and in written format should you wish.

Orthotics and insoles

Simple insoles can be routinely provided. Routine podiatry appointments do not allow time for creation and issue so you may be asked to book another appointment.

Orthotics can be suggested for many reasons and are not always ‘for life’. They can be a temporary treatment aid that are not needed once you reach a certain stage of the treatment plan.

Foot pain

Any kind of pain can impact your daily life in various ways. If you are experiencing foot pain and are concerned that it is not improving then get it assessed.

We have a good network for specialist referrals if needed. Give us a call and discuss your concern today.


your FAQs

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions

What is covered in a routine appointment?

A routine appointment will typically involve a general check of the health of your feet followed by general footcare which includes nail cutting and filing, removal of hard skin, emollient application.

What is covered with a specialised treatment?

Depending on what type of treatment is required, the number of treatments needed can vary. For example, a verruca may be successful after a single visit but more likely will require follow on visits every two weeks for four or more visits as required.

These appointments are only 15 minutes which is reflected in the reduced price.

There are different treatment options for verruca’s which your podiatrist will explain to you on your first visit.

Corns and callouses can also be successful on a single visit but may require regular check-ups to ensure regrowth doesn’t occur.

Fungal nail infections can take from one up to several visits. Your podiatrist will advise you on your first visit.

Specialised treatments are started on the first visit.

Do you treat children at Chislehurst Podiatry?

Children are welcome at Chislehurst Podiatry Practice! We have many children on our books, some are months old, others up to their late teens.

What are the fees and are there any additional costs? What are the fees for follow-up appointments?

Fees for routine appointments are currently £52 for a 30-minute appointment. If it’s your first visit the charge will be £62 for a 45-minute appointment – this allows your podiatrist to assess your feet and determine which treatment would best suit your requirements.

Some treatments may require a follow-up appointment – these tend to be a shorter time (usually 15 minutes) and the fees for this are reflected in the price. 

Please ask one of the team at Chislehurst Podiatry Practice for the cost of any treatment or follow on treatment.

You can find our price list here

Do you offer homecare advice?

During your consultation with us we will assess, diagnose, treat and care for your foot concerns. We will also offer advice on things you can do and use (or stop doing or using) at home to help your feet ‘be better’ for you.

Some people would like their footcare to involve as little homecare effort as possible, and that is totally fine and understandable. This approach would not be ideal for certain concerns/treatment plans but we will work with you to agree a plan that suits you.

Do you offer a home visit service and if so, what is the cost?

We do offer a home visit service for those who are unable to get to the Clinic but it is in high demand with a 8-10 week waiting time at the moment. Charges are from £70.

You can find our price list here

Where can you find us?

We are located at 54B Green Lane, Chislehurst BR7 6AQ, opposite the Gordon Arms public house. Between the J Spa and Chislehurst Kitchens is a driveway and we are tucked away in the 2nd door.

You can find a location map here

Can I park nearby?

Unfortunately, there is no parking on site but parking can usually be found in the local roads. There is a car park opposite Sainsbury’s in the High Street if you can’t find anywhere and you can walk through the adjacent church grounds to come out by the Gordon Arms public house.

You can find a location map here.

Can I get a bus?

There are lots of buses serving Chislehurst. The bus stop approximately 50 metres from the clinic is served by the following buses:
61 (Orpington / Bromley)
160 (Lewisham /Eltham / New Eltham / Sidcup)
161 (QE hospital / Woolwich / Charlton / Eltham / New Eltham)
R7 (Bickley / Petts Wood / Chelsfield)

Alternatively, the 273 (serves Petts Wood / Grove Park) stops outside Sainsbury’s in the High Street and is approximately a 4/5 minute walk away.

You can find a location map here.

podiatry pricelist


New Patient Appointment



Follow up 30 min treatment



Follow up 40 min treatment



Nail cutting only



Dressing fee



Antifungal nail treatment



Verrucae treatment

from £32


Follow up verrucae treatment

from £32


Verruca needling



Nail surgery


experiences of
happy patients

Thank you and the reception staff for offering such good service. They are always polite and efficient, and of course my feet have been so much more comfortable since I have been having regular appointments with you. Thank you so much for making my this visits as enjoyable as possible.


I love my visits to Chislehurst Podiatry Practice. I come out feeling like I’am walking on air! Jenny is an expert in her field and she and the support team are welcoming and friendly. Highly recommended!